Once upon a time, many many years ago, TinyOwl engaged FOLO to redesign their identity. Here are few of the many ideas and ideations that were created as options for them.
Deap Ubhi is an investor who's invested in startups such as Freecharge and TableHero. He invests in young blood and is in that sense a visionary that shows the young starters the way by fully supporting and growing their ideas.
Beacon news is a Whatsapp and Telegram based curated news service that serves content that you need to know. Not only does it serve news but also some opinion on the urgent and current matters. The service has been paused in 2017.
Shruti Jesrani makes handcrafted bespoke jewellery for her clients.
Prelab is a prefabrication lab by Priyanka Narula, an architect and new media artist by profession.
Designed and updated the logo for FOLO back in 2014. Although the logo form emerged to be seen as 'The thinking man' it is inspired by and has embedded in it the face of Deiter Rams, a designer who's inspired me and my work to a large extent.
The Grindmill Songs Project is one of the biggest of it's kind attempting to archive, transcribe and translate songs sung on the grindmill, by women from everywhere across India. The Grindmill is the ancient hand grinding stone which the women use to grind different pulses to make flour. Grinding is often a collective activity in which women share their life stories and sing together.

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