Indian laws explained 
in simple english explains Indian laws that apply to different legal situations in the everyday life.

The site is structured into:
1. Law Explainers: These are explanations of single or multiple laws that connect together for a certain situation.
2. The Nyaaya Guides: Guides are simple-to-understand explanations of situations, contextualising laws and acts, to help citizens find their way through legal situations.
3. Laws' Catalogue: This is simply a catalogue of all Indian laws, organised by Category and Jurisdiction. Some laws have explainers along with them.
4. Law-based Apps: The first of many to come is a traffic fine app, which tells citizens how much fine they are rightfully liable to pay in a road situation.

My role in the Nyaaya design was to:
1. Architect the information system of the site and create a simple navigation through the content at all levels.
2. Create a visual system for the content - from the typography to the definition of the colours to be used.
3. Work with illustrator Gaurav Sharma to come up with a series of illustrations for the  Guides on Nyaaya.
The landing page of the site
Law Explainers on Nyaaya + showing an expanded preview of a guide
The landing page of the comprehensive Nyaaya catalogue of laws showing laws by Category
The landing page of the comprehensive Nyaaya catalogue of laws showing laws by Jurisdiction
User has moved inside the catalogue to view laws by Jurusdiction and within that, Central laws
User has dived further to view Corporate laws under Central Laws
The user is reading through a law and on the right hand side is an explanation of the law in simple english
The Traffic app shown in the mobile

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