Reporting Assembly Elections 2018 with TheWire
I worked with the wire on an interface module that would report the recently concluded Assembly Elections (2018) in the 5 states. The design of the module was keeping in with the traditional news reporting that TheWire would do, but also with an overlay of information that stood out for each of the states.

The design of this elections module was done from the perspective of engaging the readers in more than just news and give them perspective on what the state was about. To this effect, for each of the states, the information that we designed for the readers was:

1. News Coverage in context of the state
2. Current state of the assembly
3. Key issues and,
4. Key personalities in each state

As an introduction on the landing page of TheWire, the reader would be given a brief overview of the elections, with a module which was prepared to report the 'live' state of the results.
The module as it appears on the landing page of TheWire
The page dedicated to Assembly Elections' coverage
An additional idea proposed was to have the manifestos of the parties
The page dedicated to a state

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