Internet. Business. Chaos.
Team FOLO was hired by a small team of experienced journalists to design a platform worthy of showcasing their classic approach to reporting. In other words, we had to create the canvas on which they would tell their "ambitious, timely, deeply researched and well-written stories".
Beginning with three words: 'The Morning Context', The stories were to be fit in 3 broad categories, as a constraint: Internet, Business and Chaos. A design constraint laid upon us was that the visual design had to be minimal.
The TMC identity
The reader of TMC will wake up and get their morning emailer from TMC, to read the story of that day, as the sun rises. We decided to use the digital medium to creatively and minimally greet the reader when they land on the story. That's when the idea of The Sun came into being.
Morning. The sun. The Sun rises over the horizon, spreading its light over our vast contemporary landscape. It illuminates definite forms of exchange, amidst the confusion of fluxes and flows of currencies, data and energies.
Identity & identity choices for TMC
Business cards for the team members
The 3 categories of stories appear in 3 distinct yet similarly styled headlines, having the same basic construction grid
Landing page for the journal
The story page
The story can also be read in the dark mode
The Search page

A specific category page, shown above is Chaos
An Archive section which will host content from the past
About the authors
A reader's dashboard to manage subscription and profile information
Do checkout the brilliant stories on The Morning Context

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