A new website for India's premier social services institution

TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) came to FOLO for a redesign of their website, in 2015. This became an opportunity to dive into TISS' multiple microcosms and design a web system to be able to present the many information pieces that are published everyday and for a variety of purposes.
Visual Mockup of the homepage of the site alongwith the grid system
A beautiful campus
The TISS campus is a beautiful and green campus and it was only 'natural' that we retained the campus' look and 'feel' on the website. The website's visual design was set against the backdrop of this green campus and the colours used were in tandem with that.
Schools & Centres page giving information about all the courses across TISS.
A sample faculty information page
Some snapshots from the design of the mobile version of the same website.

The live website (WIP) can be viewed at the link www.tiss.edu

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