The communion of mind, body & soul
The MG Toshniwal Group, a 60 year-old established business in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan got in touch with FOLO for the esteemed task of giving their group of new companies a new identity, driven by a new vision, with the 5 elements at it's heart.

This entailed 2 seemingly tall asks of me: 
1. Working with the 'constraints' of the 5 elements as a defining or supporting theme, since this is a universally acceptable truth and hence cuts across cultures. This would work well for the MG Toshniwal group's business since their customers are spread across the globe.
2. The 5 elements made me think that the theme is immersive and should be transformative for myself, before it is able to bring out anything concrete as an identity or an identity system which can stand for an established business like this one.
The logo came about to take a few steps back and became an inquiry and a message about the mind, body and soul - which is a theme which encompasses the elements and beyond them. Our mind, body and soul is what we bring to our work and the communion of the 3 creates a state of flow, which is the ideal and desired state for any fruitful work.

Upper part: The Flow
The upper part (half) of the logo depict the communion of the mind, the body and the soul and it shows their communion in a state of flow.
Lower part: The Pillar (base)
The lower part provides a strong base and embodies creativity and abstract thought, owing to it's experimental and even whimsical form, to complete the 'T' for Toshniwal. The mind body and soul in communion are supported and pushed 'upward' to higher levels of awareness and attention to produce our best.
All in all, the logo stands for what's best in us, an integrated human being and an integrated society that works together to push humanity upward. In an abstract manner and from the industrial perspective, the logo also embodies the analog signal, which is essential to measurement - which makes up a large part of Toshniwal's business.
MGT also asked us to create stationery and other collateral for them and they are displayed below.
Business Cards
The Letterhead
Toshniwal Group of Companies
There are multiple children companies under the MG Toshniwal umbrella and there's also been some thinking on how to brand them, as well.

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